10 Mind-Blowing Furniture Hacks That Will Last A Lifetime

Did you know you can repurpose your old furniture into something fabulous and unique? All you need is a bit of creativity, and you can give your old furniture an amazing transformation. Before you consider tossing that old furniture in the garbage, think about giving it a new look. Check out these furniture hacks to improve your home’s interior décor!

Hutch from an old TV
There are numerous ways you can transform your antique TV into a living room hutch or even a pet bed. It all depends on your level of creativity. However, please exercise caution when you are taking apart the television. It can be dangerous and you need to do research before you proceed.

Ice chest makeover
The ice chest makeover will not only make your home look beautiful, but is also suitable for outdoor parties.

Grand piano bookshelf
Are you a music lover? Create a grand piano bookshelf! If you have a piano you are not using, there is no doubt that this is worth your effort. You will be the first one among your friends to have this furniture hack in your home.

Ladder to towel rack
Have a ladder that you are not using anymore? Convert it into a towel rack! All you need is sandpaper and paint. You can easily turn the ladder into a towel rack. The ladder towel rack hack will give your bathroom a great transformation.

Bookshelf turned locker
Give your kids a place where they can hang their backpacks after school. They can also use the locker to store their shoes, coats, and even umbrellas. This bookshelf is a great addition to your kid’s room. To create more space for storage, you can also add some baskets on top of the shelf. Check out custom slabs from Erdei Designs as an environmentally-responsible solution to your live-edge furniture needs.

Bookshelf command center
Create a unique furniture piece by turning a bookshelf onto its side. The shelf will create more storage space and make your room look organized. Do not just use your bookshelf, in the same way year in, year out. Convert it into something different! You will be amazed at the transformation it will give to your home.

Hanging chair closet organizer
Clean up your space by moving some chairs out of the way. You can hang the chair and use it for storage. This furniture hack can create more space and make your room more organized.

Play kitchen from a TV unit
Give your little ones something that will keep them busy. You will save a lot of money with this furniture hack. You don’t have to buy a play kitchen from the store when you can make one right at home! You have to put your creativity cap on and get on with the transformation. You can bond with your kids by involving them in this fun project. Your kids will be happy to have contributed to making their toy.

Kids craft table from a crib
There is no need to throw away your kid’s crib once they have grown older–you can transform it into a table they can use for their craft projects. All you have to do is remove one side of the crib. Paint the table top using chalkboard paint and then hang it using some hooks.

Dining room chair bench
Instead of getting rid of your old dining room chairs, put them to good use. Transform the chairs into an outdoor bench. Add some fresh paint to give them a new look. Just make a few simple changes, and you will have done the chairs justice. Check out Erdei Designs for more ideas on live-edge furniture.

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