4 Advantages of Choosing Salvaged Live Edge Wood Slabs for Your Home

If you have wandered through a home stylistic layout store, read an outline blog, or viewed a significant number of the shows on HGTV lately, you have most likely noticed the trend of using salvaged live edge slabs or wood slabs in furniture and design in homes. Many individuals like this style as it blends traditional and modern styles into one look. This amalgamation is the premise of the progressing trend. Below are 4 Advantages of Choosing Salvaged Live Edge Wood Slabs for Your Home.

1. Environmentally friendly
Generally speaking, this style is viewed as environmental friendly. By using the one-of-a-kind shapes and contours of the wood, the best part of each tree is used. This implies each part of the tree goes toward making the whole piece, and fewer trees are used to create the piece. Most of the specialists constructing this type of furniture use dead-standing trees and root frameworks from the forest floor, and other recovered sources instead of harming living trees. So do your research on the organization you are working with to ensure they are morally sourcing their wood slabs from the forest floor!

Notwithstanding the wellsprings of the wood, the processes to make the furniture is also beneficial to the planet. Most woodworkers or furniture creators utilize hand apparatuses to retain the distinctive look of the wood. They use a drawknife, etches and other instruments to evacuate the bark before they begin sanding the edges with solid sandpaper to create a smooth finish. Finally, the piece is oiled, dried and shellacked to seal in the shading and excellence of the wood forever. This process makes minimal use of machines, limiting the impact on mother earth.

2. Timeless Design
Live edge slabs as furniture are ageless. Wood slabs were used in Greek homes as day parlors and beds. Throughout history, wood slabs and logs were utilized to create practical furniture. George Nakashima and other craftsman set live edge piece furniture in the guide. In 1946, Nakashima created an arrangement furniture including live edge slabs for Knoll. These outlines are still stylish now, so you don’t need to stress over being behind in current trends.

3. Adapable
People are often attracted to the idea of adding wooden pieces to their homes as wood conveys warmth to a room. Nonetheless, these same individuals might be reluctant to attempt a bit of live edge furniture because they think it doesn’t fit with the the rest of the style used in their home.

The great part about live edge style is that it fits well into various themes. Utilizing wood slabs for furniture does not automatically make a room look like a mountain lodge or log cabin! In like manner, living in an ultra-smooth, contemporary home does not imply that a couple of live edge tables can’t be incorporated somewhere. This style is modern and adaptable, and it can fit shockingly well into many design styles. The flexibility makes it a standout amongst many styles of furniture right now.

4. Retains the Organic Shape
Salvaged live edge slabs are wood slabs that, when processed, retain the original form of the tree it came from. Leaving this original edge or ‘live edge’ takes skilled workers to design specialty furniture that is natural, warm and reminiscent of nature.

Live edge slabs always include at least one edge that is of variable form; it could be wavy or unique, created from the state of the wood after it was hacked down from a tree. In this way, the furniture holds part of the first natural state of the tree that was utilized to create the piece.

If you are especially worried about incorporating a live edge piece in your home, do some research and call businesses in your area. You can locate a nearby specialist who will custom-design a dining table or other piece for you. You can also find skilled workers on the web with incredible credentials that represent considerable authority in live edge piece furniture. A significant portion of these specialists will permit you to hand-choose your preferred wood, and additionally the legs or different adornments that will finish your venture. There is truly a place for live edge furniture in everyone’s home. Check out Erdie Designs today to see what will inspire you!

Peter Erdei

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