5 Benefits of Buying Salvaged Live Edge Wood Slab Furniture

Salvaged live edge wood slab furniture is unique, live edge wood slab furniture crafted from salvaged timbers. This furniture retains the nature edge of the wood. This type of furniture includes tabletops, bar tops, benches, consoles tables, coffee tables, dining tables, boardroom table and wall art. The pieces can never be exactly replicated, hence they are unique furniture ideally suited for the home and workplace. The Salvaged Live Edge Wood Slab Furniture look is more of a modern style than a the traditional style. This type of furniture has numerous advantages. Here are some of the benefits:

1. Uniqueness
Salvaged Live Edge Wood Slab Furniture utilizes the unique curves and shape of the wood of the tree used. Each piece of furniture is one of a kind that has no equal. They are designed such that they retain part of the original shape of the tree. They have a natural beauty from their unique grains and knots, giving them an organic look. The furniture is also designed such that the owner can enjoy the natural beauty marks like cracks, grains, knots and other imperfections that are not found in other products. It is important to consider a well-qualified professional like Erdie Designs who will bring to life your furniture’s uniqueness without destroying its natural beauty.

2. Designed to Your Taste
The creators of Salvaged Live Edge Wood Slab includes their client in design process. The client chooses the exact live edge slab they want to use and specify how it should be designed. This enables the client to incorporate their unique personality into their homes. No one else will have the style of furniture that they have.

3. Custom-made to Fit Your Space
This furniture fits well in all rooms. The style of the furniture you choose can be incorporated into your space. The pieces are made such a way that they fit easily and perfectly in whatever room you wish. This furniture gives your room a modern, beautiful look.

4. Affordable
Salvaged Live Edge Wood Slab Furniture is affordable. As all of the furniture is custom-made, you can purchase what you can afford. The wood used is not expensive. The designers get the slabs that are salvaged trees which they fairly attain in an environmentally-responsible manner. This way, they are able to sell the product at a reasonable price.

5. High Quality
The furniture is high quality, made from pieces of strong wood. The slabs are properly dried before they are used. The furniture is fixed using proper mechanical fixation that uses bowties of at least 50% thickness of the surface thickness. If there is crack in the salvaged wood, they fill the grain voids with epoxy to ensure the furniture retains its smoothness.

Live Edge furniture is outstanding and excellent. It is good quality and can be designed exactly as you require. It is easy to install and fits well, bringing a beautiful modern, yet organic style into your home. All you need to know is the type of furniture you need, and your unique design taste. They come in many excellent colors to match perfectly with your room, allowing you to make an informed decision about choosing live edge wood furniture.

Peter Erdei

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