5 Reasons Wood Is Healthier For You Than Other Furniture Material

When it comes to the environment, we are often faced with challenges such as environmental pollution. Although we know the sources of our environmental problems, we just can’t avoid them. This is one reason why wood is still the best when we are looking for furniture material such as live edge wood furniture. Wood is also the best green solution for residential furniture. Here are 5 reasons why wood is healthier for you than other furniture materials.

1. Wood is good for the climate

Woods not only prevent climate change but are also healthier for our environment. Trees absorb carbon dioxide by taking it out and storing it in their trunks. When they are changed into other products such as furniture they still continue to store carbon. By using wood, we are preventing the greenhouse effect and climate change. At the end of the product cycle, we can still use the solar energy stored in the woods. Reusing wood for energy is also a great way to replace dirt and carbon emitting products such as oil, coal and natural gas.

2. Wood is good for health and well-being

Exposure to fittings and wooden furniture has real health and wellness benefits. This is because it helps lower stress responses and heart rates and even encourages good interactions. Also, the processing of wood is energy efficient since wood stores a lot of carbon. It can, therefore, be used instead of materials such as aluminum, steel, plastics and concrete that require a great amount of energy to produce.

3. Wood is renewable

Wood is not only environmentally-friendly but is also renewable. In fact, it’s the only material made from the rain, sun, and carbon. This means you can replenish and renew it. It’s also a raw material that replenishes itself after growing each year. Thankfully, with selective harvesting, harvesting wood is not a problem but on the contrary is actually healthy for the forest. Since trees grow everywhere, getting them is not a problem. When trees are harvested, more trees can be planted to replace them.

4. Wood scores high

When measuring sustainable furniture for your residence, wood scores highly on life cycle assessment. As compared to non-wood products, wood has been consistently in the lead. The only trouble spot for wood is the energy required for kiln treating processes.

5. Wood lasts a long time

Wood is good for both home and commercial places because it’s durable. When properly taken care of, wood can last for a long time without any problems. More so, there are some modern preservatives that can be used to enhance its durability. As compared to its weight, wood is the strongest material on the planet. It’s not only resilient but it also requires little maintenance. Unlike laminated wood and plastic laminate, wood can have several lifetimes through refinishing. As a matter of fact, you can confidently say that live edge wood furniture can last even beyond 25 years.


While several people shy away from cutting trees, the wood industry has been regulated well. Nowadays, many countries have a policy that if you cut a tree you plant some immediately to replace the ones that you cut. This means that most cut trees have been replaced in the past. It’s, therefore, true to claim that wood is healthier than other materials for furniture.

Peter Erdei

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