7 Ways Salvaged Live Edge Wood Slabs Will Turn Your Furniture into Works of Art

Salvaged live edge wood slabs can be use for many things in and around your home. When you use them for furniture it turns into amazingly perfect works of art.

1.) Good for any room or space, in your home – use salvaged live edge wood slabs and putting metal with it. You can use the slab for the back and you can put metal shelves on the front using as little as eight screws and two metal pieces and you can put up a brand new piece that not only is functional, but is also art. To take it a step further you can even use more salvaged live edge wood slabs for the shelves for a beautiful bookcase.

2.) The living room is also on my list, coffee tables and side tables are what people tend to use salvaged live edge wood for must, you can also update your TV stands by attaching it to the top of your current stand – creating what looks like a band new piece.

3.) Another great way is to even use a plasma cutter and cut out a design of detailed metal works and put it on the salvaged live edge wood slab and it becomes a amazing work of art that can be hung anywhere in your house with ease and it can be a one of a kind design admired by all who see it.

4.) Change up  your kitchen, by taking a bigger salvaged live edge wood slab and add it to the end of your counter and serve ice cold drinks at your next get together. It’s sure to be all anyone talks about.

5.) Now it’s time to figure out how you can use it in your bedroom which is not as hard as it seems. A brand new headboard that can make your room go from a 10 to a 100. With two slabs and about three hours of work. Out with the old and in the the salvaged, it’s very simple to do and it changes your room for the better and you’ll never get tired of seeing it every night before bed.

6.) Another special treat,  create a vanity top for the special lady in your life. Her face will light up when she see her new favorite place in the house. You can put the slab as the top and spend about $20 on organizers and she’ll have a beautiful space, to get ready.

7.) Salvaged live edge wood slabs can be cut into pieces and sealed and used for walking paths, as well, you can build an outside fire place using the slabs on the edges and metal bowl in the center, everyone needs a fireplace for the cold so why not have the best looking fire place in town? While you are add it – you can also use salvaged live edge wood for benches with comfy pads to place around your new outside fire place.


Peter Erdei

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