About Erdei Designs

We specialize in helping designers and customers find their ideal live edge statement piece

About Erdei Designs

Erdei Design focuses on reigniting a stronger sense of personal connection with nature and respect for the history of trees that will be crafted into something that is both practical and beautiful.

All trees have naturally fallen. We care about our responsibility to the environment, so we also plant 1,000 trees annually to help maintain environmental sustainability.

When you buy an Erdei, you are buying a functional work of art.

It's a leap of faith for most people to commission a hand made piece of art or furniture, and leave the choice of material and finish up to the artist or craftsman. The Erdei dining table you made for me has exceeded my expectations.

- Patrick

Erdei brought our design ideas to life and allowed us to truly integrate the interior design of the space with the furnishings. The quality and craftsmanship of the piece is evident in the intricate detailing of this bench. Our client and residents of the apartment building cannot speak enough of its beauty!

- Michael

We are totally delighted with our gorgeous black walnut slab desk tops. We love the look and the feel of them. The wood is totally amazing, and the finish and craftsmanship complement it perfectly. Everything is working beautifully, perfectly. This has made our study a joy to work in.

- John