Gnarled Desk

This exquisite Monkeypod Desk started as salvage from Hurricane Irma three years ago. It was hand cut from the log with chainsaws. The patterning in this wood is very unique, as is the natural hole in the end of the table. 7‘ long x 39“ wide

Closer desk

This is a beautiful rare Clairo walnut bookmatched home office desk with a uniquely made base that has a custom bronze powder coating. 8’ long and 42” wide.

1000 Year Tree Desk

This commanding and stately desk is made from an extremely special curly, quilted and figured Clairo walnut filet mignon cut. You only find one in 1000 years. The desk contains Clairo columns connected with a figured Maple modesty panel. 11’6” long x 48” wide.

Treehouse Bookshelves and Office Desk

This beautiful live edge office set is made of a rare Bastogne Walnut. The waterfall office desk stands 10‘6“ long and 43” wide The bookshelves are a combination of Curly Maple and Black Walnut.

Freeform Table

This table is made of an instrument grade quality quilted and figured maple. It has a thin, wavy line of semi-transparent red epoxy river down the center. Some of the cracks are addressed with Purple Heart bow ties.

Claro Black Walnut Executive Desk

This Desk is for the Elite Executive. Rescued from Northern Washington, this slab was over 13 feet long, which allowed Peter to continue the unique grain pattern into the support base. The custom-made center leg is crafted from the same Claro Walnut as the rest of the piece.