Our Philosophy

“Quality means doing it right
when no one is looking.” Henry Ford

It’s in the name.

The name Erdei derives from the Hungarian word “Erdö”, which means “forest”. “Erdei” literally translates to “the man from the woods”. And this truly is my origin. I have been surrounded by wood and Old World Craftsmen my entire life…three generations so far.

Life at Erdei Designs is simple. We work with wood to create breathtaking pieces of furniture.

Every tree tells a story. When we salvage a tree, we work with care to give it a new future.

My grandfather was a master carpenter. He was born in 1902 in Romania. My father was taught by his father in the European tradition. And this skill and love was passed down to me.

My father taught me, “Erdeis do not assemble furniture; We build living pieces of art that last for lifetimes to come.”

Focus, dedication and attention to detail are a lasting part of the Erdei family tradition.

As a child, I spent summers and spring breaks in my family wood shop to watch and learn from the masters. My love of wood has continued and increased since then.

I have a special relationship with wood: the wood gets me. And I get the wood.

I love salvaging trees and imbuing new life into them. My job is understanding the art that God has created in nature and releasing it for you. It is more than a passion, it is my lasting love.