Dining Tables

Angles and Curves Dining Table

This table was made from a completely dry slab which had to be stabilized with an epoxy procedure. The cracks in the table are filled with black epoxy pigment. The finish enhances the details in the wood. The base is a hand rolled steel base. 8‘6“ long x 52” wide.

Anvil Dining Table

This table is made of a beautiful bookmatched American hickory slab and the Anvil-like base is connected with an old growth oak barn beam. 102” long x 48” wide.

Au Naturel Dining Table

This table is made of a Costa Rican Monkeypod. The finish is an Italian low sheen water-based product which does not change the natural color of the wood. 11‘ long x 42“ wide.

Freeform Oval Dining Table

This is a captivating, large bookmatch Maple Burl table that is several hundred years old. Custom spider base created for it. 72” x 54”

Glass River Dining Table

This particular Curly Maple slab was made into an inverted live edge glass river dining table. The glass has a slight green tint. We chose a simple rectangular flat black metal base for this table. 8’ x 40”

3 Inch Dovetail Insert Dining Table

This table was a unique design that the client could not find anyone to make. It is an Ambrosia Maple Waterfall table and the joinery is 100% hand cut 3 inch large dovetail connections. 12‘ 6“ long x 40” wide with the inserts at the ends.

Midmod Round Dining Table

This is a very uniquely designed Clairo walnut dining table with 1 inch hand rolled brass inlay in the table. The base is also made of brass. The details on the edge of the table mimic the style of the base.

Omega Dining Table

Costa Rican Monkeypod wood is what gives this dining table and bench their unique color, texture and strength. Natural wooden base on one end and hand-rolled custom omega-shaped base on the other. 8’ x 42”

Waves Dining Table

This extraordinary Ash Dining Table was whitewashed and dressed with beautiful beach-colored blue epoxy waves, inspired by Clearwater Beach, where it was created. 7’ long and 48” wide