Conference Tables

Coworking Table

There is a beautiful truth to this American heritage old growth Douglas Fir conference table. This tree is several hundred years old. Along the center is a metal insert with state of the art electrical pop-up connections to facilitate electronic usage. 22’ long x 48” wide

Library Conference Table

This table is made of a very unique African Sapele Mahogany wood. The entire table is made with the same slab. The base is a strong cantilever action with steel plate on the bottom. 42” wide x 7’ long.

Round Freeform Conference Table

This is a unique crosscut of a Costa Rican Monkeypod tree that serves as a one of a kind conference table at a well-known Coworker space. The table has a custom spider base.

Technology Table

This is an old growth Douglas Fir conference table with a metal insert that hides the pop-up electrical stations to facilitate technology work. 15’ long and 48” wide

Symbiosis Table

Derived from a fully grown Sequoia which came down during a storm, this magnificent table blends with the living moss in the center and paired with a living wall at the end. Stained with an espresso gel and finished with an Italian water-based finish. 19’ long.