Your dining area is not just a space where you eat food but also it is the area where you spend time with your family and exchange your stories of the entire day. It doesn’t matter a lot if this area is a teeny tiny corner or a big space devoted for dining, but it matters a lot how you have decorated that area and how attractive the design of your dining table is?

Choose the Shape of Your Dining Table Wisely!
The dining tables with oval or round shapes are good choices for the small rooms, reason- no sharp edges are there that you could bump into. If you don’t like formal shapes, go for the round tables that look informal, while rectangular choices give formal appearance.

Match Dining Table with the Room Scale
For a dining area around 10*10 feet, a table that is 3*5 feet and could accommodate 6 people is a great fit. For smaller areas, consider a dining table that is directly connected with the room wall so no space for moving on one side would be left.

Material of the Dining Table-Top
There is a need for more maintenance for the wooden surfaces than for the laminate topped table, but have more grace. Now-a-days glass-topped tables are also available with fascinating designs and a contemporary look. Not limited here, tables are also available with a stone or marble top. Think of the maintenance and your home décor before going for any option.

Don’t Forget to Look for the Chair Designs
Because you do not take much time to have a meal, dining table chairs are not always required to be a relaxed kind where you want to sink yourself in depth. Straight back chairs are also great for a smaller space as high backed chairs could make a smaller space crowded. When the area is small, look for mixed seat options, like a chair opposite the bench to give a fashionable touch. Check the chairs by sitting down on those before making any one final and make sure that the chairs are not too high or too low. There should be approximately a 10 inches difference between the table height and the seat height for optimal comfort.

Add a Taste of Grace
• Delightful Omega Dining Table with designer legs and wooden look mismatched chairs are also a great option if you like an informal look.
• An extraordinary Ash Dining Table with beach-colored blue epoxy waves is the best choice if you are looking for unique options.
• The curvy wooden base of the dining table looks graceful that is carved using a wooden piece, and when it comes to the chairs, a chair with white high-backed design offers an elegant contrast to the dining tables.
• Dining tables blended with leather inserts gives a complete classy look.
Many unique designer tables are available at ERDEI DESIGNS. We welcome you to query for different designs at any time.