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    American Flag

    This American Flag is produced by retired Law enforcement, veterans and our mill staff. The wood choices are generally Walnut, Purple Heart, Ambrosia Maple. We also use bloodwood, maple. We can make customized Flags as well. The waves are carved and grind by hand. The finish on the wood also can be customized with different sheen finishes. In some Flags, we can customize adding laser carving with customized crescents. Each flag is HANDMADE TO ORDER at our mill in Largo Florida. Please allow 3 weeks for production and 1 week for shipping. Shipping cost is included in the price. The Bolt Action Magnum Pen ($175.00 value) is free with Flag Size $24"x45" Are you Military? Vet or Active? Click here for discount.
  • Handmade American Flag Cabinet The flag is made of bloodwood ambrosia maple and quartersawn Sapelli mahogany. The waves are created by hand into the flag and hand sanded and finished. The flag is 24“ x 45“ and it’s 3 inches deep. The backplate of the box is a 3/4” inch plywood with a fabric glued onto the plywood which also can be customized. The depth of the box can also be customized. The guns are mounted inside the box with magnetic plates which we are supplying three boxes off because everybody has different guns and it’s a custom positioning for each customer. We also supply an RFID that’s installed by the customer for security reasons. Shipping is included. Are you Military? Vet or Active? Click here for discount.


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