We provide Handcrafted Furniture to Enhance the Look of Your Personal and Professional Space

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Starting your day with countless meetings in the conference room and then heading home to enjoy your meal with the family, both the conference and dining tables act as a centerpiece of work and general wellbeing. Let’s admit it, you need to have a proper setup of conference tables to be more productive and efficient at work, and with our handicraft furniture, live edge furniture or natural edge furniture, you can be more productive in office meetings. Let’s Choose From Our Library [...]

Why is a Perfect Conference Table Important?

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When you run a successful business, there are endless conferences and meetings throughout the year. The conference table is important to making every meeting successful. Since it is a centrepiece of the workplace, you have to be a little choosy when selecting a conference table. The most important factors that you should focus on when buying a conference table include office size, design, material, and color. The good kind of table leaves an impression on the directors, guests, and employees of [...]

Give your home a personal touch it deserves with custom wood furniture

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At ERDEI DESIGNS, we love to use wood in its purest form. Nothing can beat the appearance of the truest form of wood. Its natural and amazing look makes a pleasing surrounding and the wood grain permits for a gorgeous appearance to go with most frameworks. Whether it is for homes, showrooms, offices or interior projects, ERDEI DESIGNS can offer you custom wood furniture that could go fantastic with your location choice, thanks to our workshop sites and a dedicated team [...]

Style Your Home With Modern Dining Tables!

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Your dining area is not just a space where you eat food but also it is the area where you spend time with your family and exchange your stories of the entire day. It doesn’t matter a lot if this area is a teeny tiny corner or a big space devoted for dining, but it matters a lot how you have decorated that area and how attractive the design of your dining table is? Choose the Shape of Your Dining Table [...]


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